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We are absolutely convinced that Russia continues to occupy one of the leading positions among the world energy centers on whose territory coal is mined..Our company is engaged in the supply of coal from the largest deposits of Siberia, Kuzbass and Khakassia. Deliveries of coal are carried out by rail and water transport. Long-flame coal grade "D". The blower is not needed, and therefore it can be used in the operation of almost any boiler house. lean coal brand "T". It has a low porosity and a high combustion temperature; therefore, it requires a cast-iron boiler with blowing and is mainly used for the operation of power plants and railway transport. weakly baked coal of the "SS" grade. It is difficult to ignite, however this defect is compensated by the duration of combustion and high heat emission. It is used in power plants in boiler houses, as well as in metallurgical enterprises. Coal - anthracite grade "A". It has a high density. At combustion does not give a flame, a smoke and a smell, it is well transported. It is widely used in various heating systems, as well as in the chemical industry and metallurgy. coking coals of "Zh" and "K" brands. Served as raw materials for the production of coke. coke blast furnace and foundry - for the metallurgical industry. 


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